New film illustrates public art at Rochester Riverside

A new film has been created showing the programme of public art projects at the development, which is helping to create a sense of place and elevate it above the norm.

In the film, we hear from the lead public artist at Rochester Riverside, Katayoun Dowlatshahi, who is working with FrancisKnight, Countryside and Hyde to embed public art into the design and architecture of the development.

Katayoun explains how the River Medway has inspired much of the public art across the scheme, with its coastal identity reflected in the abstract images of marshland grasses that have been cast onto the Portland Stone benches and walls that line the public plaza and river walk.

To complement these Portland Stone benches, similar grass motifs and overlapping designs feature at the breakout junctions along the river walk. Eleven unique images have also been laser engraved across the three full height oak sleepers that make up each revetment.

FrancisKnight has also worked with artist Chris Tipping, who has produced twenty-four bespoke units made out of cast iron or granite, with inlaid and sandblasted detail. These units are being embedded into the paving adjacent to the entrances of all apartment blocks and into footpaths in the central and riverside streets. Chris is also creating seven car park and garden wall artworks, featuring large-scale graphic motifs.

Now more than ever, diverse landscapes and precious habitats such as the River Medway need protection and art can play a vital role in preserving them. The public art at Rochester Riverside is inspired by the very thing that makes Medway unique, and by enhancing public spaces through this nature-inspired artwork it hopes to inform and educate both residents and visitors alike. So, next time you visit Rochester Riverside make sure to take a look!

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Story posted: 30/06/2021

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